Building the future of Photogrammetry

Founded in 2020, we are on a mission to deliver the best photogrammetry experience to our clients.

Let us work together to bring about a 3D revolution!

We understand the need to have a fast digital 3D reconstruction platform capable of producing photorealistic and accurate results at scale for surveying and inspections.

Building upon cutting edge technology, we have developed a self served, easy to use photogrammetry platform that lowers the effort of digitizing real-world environments and creating 3D digital assets.

We strive to enhance the user experiences of recreating the 3D digital world, by allowing the users to create digital twins faster, accurately and at scale.

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Preimage Team

E-meet our driven team members
Ugam Kamat
Siddharth Jha
Vaibhav Nayel
Machine Learning Lead
Lavish Thakkar
Software Engineer
Joel Rogers
DL Research Engineer
Vijay Kumar
Cloud Architect & SRE II
Aman Shenoy
Research Engineer
Michael Jernil
FrontEnd 3D Engineer
Jaideep Bankoti
CV/DL Engineer
Archita Jain
Software Development Engineer (SDE)
Sanskar Agrawal
DL Engineer
Rishabh Singh
Computer Vision Research Engineer
Misha Bharti
Brand & Content Marketer
Neha Yaragatti
UI/UX Designer
Deepak Kumar
Software Development Engineer
Kirtan Mali
DL Engineer
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Cheers to them for having strong faith in us and the 3D future we are trying to create.