Geographic Information System (GIS)

Advanced mapping for urban & rural planning

Large scale mapping

Create city scale 3D digital twins with survey-grade accuracy, segmented into topographic classes such as buildings, vegetation, roads, ground and water bodies.

Disaster management

Use accurate digital elevation models to simulate and  identify the potential impacts of natural disasters on standing structures, such as buildings and communities.

Land use monitoring

Analyze land-use patterns for urban planning & infrastructure development using accurate segmentation of digital twins into various classes.

Efficiently plan, execute and maintain infrastructure

Construction design & planning

Create detailed 3D models and topographic maps for planning and executing construction of buildings, pipelines, highways and other structures. 

Progress monitoring and maintenance

Track the progress of construction by comparing the as-built digital twin with the planned architecture.
Use detailed 3D models for inspections and maintenance.

Urban planning

Effectively design large scale areas and cities using high-quality digital twins, segmented into various classes.
Energy & Heavy Industries

Transform your industrial inspections and maintenance

Asset monitoring & maintenance

Easily inspect and maintain industrial plants, dams pipelines, mining sites, and more for possible damages and early repairs.

Pipeline inspection

Plan gas pipelines and identify potential routes using terrain models and feature classification.

Better risk assessment than ever

Photo: Windover Construction, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Risk assessment

Create detailed 3D digital twins of buildings and other structures, to assess the risk of damage from natural disasters and adjust the policies accordingly.

Claims adjustment

Evaluate infrastructural damage from natural disasters by comparing them with the original 3D model for rapid claims adjustment and identifying false insurance claims. 

Making your operations uninterrupted

Network planning

Easily identify potential locations for telecom towers, cell sites, and other infrastructure with the digital twins classified into various features, and topography.


Track telecom tower issues and plan maintenance using 3D models to monitor changes over time, such as azimuth angle changes of the towers caused by bad weather.
Gaming & Multimedia

Redefine digital reality

Game environment design

Easily create digital replicas of buildings, roads, assets and even cities, to build a photorealistic gaming environment, instead of designing them from scratch.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Enhance the realism of your film and television scenes, making it easier to plan and execute even the complex shots.