The Future of 3D with Preimage

Founded in 2020, our team has a proven track record in building and delivering products across sectors like real estate, construction, and geospatial mapping. We strive to enhance user experiences in recreating the 3D digital world by allowing users to create digital twins faster, accurately, and at scale.

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Our Vision

At Preimage, our vision is to revolutionize the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and geospatial industries by pushing the boundaries of 3D reconstruction technology and empowering our clients with innovative solutions.

$2M+ Raised

Raised $2M in venture funding from prominent investors across India, Singapore, UK, and USA.

400+ Users

Engaged with over 400 users and successfully executed 50+ projects spanning 10 countries.

10+ Members

Experts in AI and ML, game design, computer vision, graphics, and full-stack software.

Preimage's Story

The Beginning of Preimage

Preimage was born out of a vision to revolutionize the 3D reconstruction landscape.

Founded in 2020 by graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), our journey began with a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology. With a small but dedicated team, we embarked on a mission to harness the power of AI and geospatial data to create groundbreaking solutions.

Expanding Horizons

As our expertise grew, so did our reach. With relentless dedication and innovation, we expanded our offerings to cover a wide spectrum of industries, from geospatial mapping to architecture and construction.

Along the way, we attracted top talent and forged partnerships with leading organizations, cementing our position as a key player in the 3D reconstruction space.

Achievements Unlocked

Over the years, we achieved significant milestones that marked our progress and success. From securing $2M in venture funding to garnering over 400 users and executing 50+ projects across 10 countries, each achievement propelled us forward and validated our commitment to excellence.

These milestones were stepping stones toward realizing our vision of transforming the industry.

Pioneering a Future with 3D Digital Twins

As we look ahead, we're committed to innovation and growth. With our team of skilled experts, we're set to push the limits of Photogrammetry. We strive to enhance the user experience of recreating the 3D digital world, by allowing the users to create digital twins faster with speed, precision, and ease.

Our Investors

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At Preimage, we encourage creativity, teamwork, and progress. If you're driven and looking for an exciting workplace, come join us!